Sunday, January 18, 2009


Ok...So I've been playing around with this whole project 365.
You know, take a picture every day of the year.
Part of me didn't want to commit to it for fear I wouldn't follow through...
or maybe I'd consider it a job?  I'm not sure why though because I usually play with my camera everyday anyway.
So I have been taking a picture a day and it is still calling to me and in a fun way, not a chore.
(I realize I am only in January at this point)

What to do with all these pictures?
I have been following different view points on it and saw a kit to compile it all together in hard form. here 
Hmmm, I didn't think I'd want an entire album of just that.  So using the idea, I could do a 4 page layout of each month intermingled with the rest of my layouts in my album.
And It has been started.  Fun.

I am hoping that this project will make me take time to LIVE life.   STOP the car to CAPTURE something that calls to me.  See things in a new way.  Capture my REAL life.
Play along with me.  It might be fun.

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