Friday, October 17, 2008

Sweet Savoy

OMG(oodness)!  Is it Friday already!?  This was a busy week of driving mostly.
I am thankful that the leaves have changed and they cascade down over my sunroof as I drive past.  Like rain but better. I am loving the colors!  

This is gorgeous, unique Savoy.  I was so pleased with the results of my quick photo shoot with my Max, that I have been pining to snap a couple photos of my moms puppy.  He is a huge, sweet- 9 month old Afghan    ...Isn't he interesting?  I was very curious to see how he would look in black and white since he has such a multitude of colors.  The black and white may rob him of that.
So another quick snap of photos here you go.  He was super excited that he was my subject...and kissed the lens (which you can kind of see I didn't get it completely wiped off).  OHHH the LOVE! So I didn't get a super mellow shot.  But he is showing his sweet puppy personality and looks like he is smiling!!

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  1. Next time you're over there, try to get his face toward the window with the window light bathing his beautiful face. Like, you standing between him and the window - but close to the window - and some wall or other subtle backdrop behind him. Then there won't be so much contrast between the backlit window and how dark his face and body are. We'd be able to see all his cool color tones of his fur that way too. Naturally, this assumes the cooperation of a 9 month old puppy....


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