Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Good Question

What is the weirdest last name you've heard?
If you were president what would you make a new law?
Have you ever been so scared that you cried?
Are there any words that exist now that did not exist when you were my age?
(Now that was a good question!)
Has it been 5 minutes of silence yet mom?  (Um, NO)
Ok This is some serious stuff gals.  A nod that you are listening just wont do!
A pat on the head and a hug just will not answer the burning questions.  This actually requires thought!
AND This is only the series of questions I have gotten over the last 24 hours!

I have a brilliant Daughter that drives me absolutely crazy.
I am guessing I am not the only one who has a child like this.
I realize that the reason she drives me so crazy is because she is determined and stubborn and just darn Brilliant.  I also realize that these are the things that I am just so proud of her for. Tonight she did a move in her Gymnastics class that no one else could.  It was amazingly hard. A straddle press.  I am not certain that she could do it at a drop of a hat when she left for Gymnastics.  But by the time we got there, she had decided that she would.  She asked me to tell the teacher she could.  I had no doubt that Once I told her teacher, she would be able to do it, just because of her pure determination.  
SO Tonight I say YOU GO GIRL!  YOU ROCK.
Tonight I say even if you are absolutely exhausting to raise.  It is absolutely worth every last minute. Love your fire.  Love your determination.  Love your brilliance. Keep on shining!  

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