Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Creative Week

Ok for this "My Creative Week" I only have a few things to throw up here:
{Kiss Me I'm Irish} I played with cutting out tiles from a sheet of busy patterned paper to cancel out some of the bright green.  You can't really see it in the picture but each "tile" is a raised glittery flower.  Played with using a photo of my front door in the title.


{Embrace Life; Mom & Me}  I played with almost all kit again.
(Sweet Pea October)  Since I VERY rarely have photos of myself...
I was really happy with how these pages turned out.
Played with rub on words on the photos...liked it!
The buttons are so glimmery, they remind me of a chandelier.

This folding floor sign, was a surprise for Chloe's gymnastics teacher who is always telling everyone the same rules....She is the best...and needed a little colorful help!  My husband was kind enough to cut it out and construct it for me....(THANK YOU LOVE)

And Last: This is not my finest work, but I threw it up here because I had to be "creative" the night before my sons "vocabulary parade."  His word was Ghastly...and I question if a old t-shirt with it's arms cut off and sewed up and neck tied fits the definition of ghastly they were looking for!  It is certainly ghastly by some definition!  But hey-what are you gunna do?

 Is it sad that I was SUPER excited that there was a left over block of wood to use for this coming week?  I'm inspired to make myself something from it.  I'll have to leave you that little juicy tidbit so you'll check back next week to see what it is. :-)
There you go!  Hope you had some time to play this week too.

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  1. I see you using the self time to get yourself in the pictures with Miss Lily! Excellent! Super cute layouts.

    The Gymnastics teacher is going to LOVE that sign! Go J Man and Bree! What a great gift!


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