Monday, October 20, 2008

Let's Play

(my 10 minutes of play....I know I've had my camera for ohhhh 'bout 8 years...and I am sure I knew it had a self timer....I plan on playing with this A LOT more!  What do you think...My happy kitchen window that I have up now?  Or my feet in a pair of my happiest girly shoes?)

When I started this blog I said I wanted to be open minded to what it urges me to do.  I wanted to PLAY.  I needed to play.  It was time to let go of a BAD Funk and just play. The funny thing is, it has actually given me the permission I needed to just let go and play.
So you might say...who has the time?
10 minutes of play in a day, 
can change your whole outlook 
for where the day might end up.
It can boost your spirits.
It is actually NEEDED.
So here's your nudge - permission if you need it.

{You never know, you might just rediscover your inner self}

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  1. Oh - that's tough. I like them both. Maybe change it once a month? I do love the window picture very much. The light is fantastic on that one. When the weather is a wee bit colder, I'd switch it to the shoes though.


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