Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Little Bug

Oh how I LOVE this little bug.  Lily Bug.  Her daddy calls her that.  She got super lucky because a neighbor gave us an adorable butterfly fairy costume, and her Nani couldn't resist this little bug one.  
{thank you Nani} How to choose?  Which one shall she wear on the big day?  Now I realize she is just going to have to wear both at some point for pictures.  Decisions...decisions...if only all of them mattered this much!  I may just have to leave it up to the weather. Maybe I should post the other one and take a vote.
Another photo opportunity.
SO here's the lowdown on these pics:  COLD Day, so I threw this on her. Waiting outside the recreation center for Chloe to finish up her gymnastics.  Camera in the car.  I had to throw the lens cap out in the grass and have her "fetch it" because all she wanted to do was grab my camera!  She thought that was just plain hysterical.

Ironic isn't it?  My Monday post said make time to play and here it is Thursday
...I got in some minutes of play on Tuesday...and am just now able to post it. 
 Oh well...STRIVE FOR THE GOAL!  strive.

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