Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Creative Week

So, have you been waiting with baited breath?  Dying to know what I did with that block of wood? (Just kidding of course!)
Here it is.  I think the possibilities are endless here, I am looking to do a few more.
This one I made for me.  It could be hung with 2 eye hooks and a gorgeous piece of ribbon.  It could be hung simply with a picture frame mount.  It could be set on an easel, or it can just simply be placed on a shelf.  Can you imagine how artsy a word spelled out would look?
Hmmm, have I come up with a start to an Etsy shop?  Or am I just plain crazy?  I know. Probably both.

And my pages for this week:
I only had one evening this week to do this 2 pager.
The title is actually the 2nd (right) page.
My play plan?  Only use paper from my scraps bin.
You know we all have them.  I changed the photos to sepia because they were not lovely in a orangie hue.  I think that's a good idea for pages that you want to use a bold combo of patterns or colors.


So there you go.  I am going to my 15 year high school reunion tonight.  Never went to the 10 year.  Thought I'd never feel the urge to go back.  Tonight will be a very casual event at a pool hall.  I am hoping to catch up with only a couple of girlfriends that I haven't talked to in about, well, 15 years!  Wish me luck.  Have a creative next week!

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  1. I totally adore your letter A! Is the pink paper or did you paint that? I'm guessing it must be paper since it matches the a so beautifully. It is awesome!


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