Thursday, November 16, 2017

Miah's Birthday featuring BLUSH fabrics!

I have to say, this collection really gave me all the feels. It is soft and sweet, and bright and European too!  European as a adjective?? I hope that is not a weird description, but honestly, the moment I opened my box from Dana I was instantly thinking about an unexpected trip I took to Europe in March. I mean, Literally. ALL. THE. FEELS.  I was whisked back to a hill in Switzerland, as I started planning what I wanted to do with this truly beautiful fabric! 
I digress.
So, The kitties. 
I mean, they are kind of the star of the show. That is when I decided that this was a celebration, and Miah was a pink Kitty celebrating her birthday in the woods with some of her quirkiest, best friends.
meet Miah.
Miah is sweet soft spoken feline.
Her birthday was coming, and she did not really plan to make such a fuss, because, well, that is just how Miah is. She really would have been quite happy with a simple picnic. The idea of anything more than that, sort of, well, made her BLUSH.
When her very best friend Sadie told her they were having a picnic, she had NO IDEA, that, THAT, was just a way to get her out in the woods, right at dusk on a soft picnic blanket that sat under beautiful lights strung above her on the beautiful trees dropping all of their fall colors.
this is Sadie. (isn't she sweet?)
Sadie sure knows how to make a girl feel special!
BUT, the biggest surprise was that Miah's friend Nola flew all the way in from Switzerland JUST to say happy birthday to Miah.
isn't Nola silly?!?
She arrived at the party wearing a mask, but she did not fool anybody! 
An owl can't look that much different than an owl right??
Miah knew straight away it was her dear friend who moved to Switzerland less than a year ago. seeing her again, almost brought her to tears. Aren't friends the very best!?
As the evening came to an end, their sweet Unicorn friend serenaded them with her guitar.
she's just learning, but it sounded beautiful just the same.
isn't she lovely?
Gizmo, packed s'mores for everyone to carry along with them on their travels home.
I mean, what else is a girl's best friend for? Chocolate is always a good idea!
(except for Gizmo of course, dogs can't eat chocolate crazypants!)
poor girl.
Just as everyone hugged their goodbyes, they heard a familiar buzz, and oh, thankgoodness,
Lu arrived JUST in time!
Lu is such a soft and gentle soul.
Most that meet her decide that they are not afraid of bees after all.
She has always been a bit shy, but since her sister Suki could not make it to the party
(because, well I ran out of time!!)
She had to muster up the courage to fly to the party all by herself, and give Miah all of her best birthday wishes. (for both of them)
What a great night.
And that my friends, is how a box of beautiful fabric, from a very sweet soul
turned into a birthday party.
You can find Miah and friends now. 
You can find BLUSH FABRICS at retailers now!
Look for Lu's sister Suki to show up soon.
(ha! well, the best laid plans....)
Thank you so much for stopping by today.


  1. Oh Aubrey, you are such an artist. I absolutely love these stories that you write to go along with your concept. Just adorable! And I love that you were inspired by your trip to Europe! That was really fun to read those details too :)
    Thank you thank you as always for being part of the fun and for sharing with everyone. Love it all! :) - Dana

    1. Thank you so much Dana! It’s all true! This is such a pretty collection!! Thank you thank you for including me!!

  2. These are all so adorable! I love how you played with all the cute prints from this collection!

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