Thursday, April 27, 2017

Fiesta Fun Fabrics & the three little pigs!

Maybe it just might be my newest obsession.
Maybe because I am certain that Pua in Moana
is the best little side-kick I can think of.
Maybe it is because since I found out a friend of mine is getting a baby pig, all I can think about is how badly I want to hold it, and bounce it around like a tiny baby.
Maybe it's because if I ever wrote a children's book, my idea of a great fiesta would be one thrown by adorable pigs eating the best veggie tacos ever.
BUT, Maybe. this list of maybe's would have never even began if I had not been sent a box of fabrics from DANA WILLARD, full of her new line of fabric. FIESTA FUN FABRICS.
I mean, once I got this stack of happy party fabrics, that was all I could think about.
Pigs throwing a party, and a stack of delicious veggie tacos!
(AND MAN, I hope they send me an invitation!)
I ended up making three sister pigs. One of the Sisters is a mama to two sisters!
These Fabrics have all the colors for them to dress with the perfect combo of sass and sweetness! 
This collection has two categories: VIVA (including 8 prints) 
and SIESTA (including 8 prints) My very favorites were in this group: the pink citrus sunset has an adorable retro vibe that just makes me happy, and the pinata confetti dots are the perfect print for pretty much any project! They are just so HAPPY!
AND: Three of the prints come in a SUPER SOFT cotton/spandex blend knit. 
I actually loved the super soft feel of it so much, I saved most of it for myself! 
If you want to grab some of these, they are available now! 
AND, if you want a bunch of inspiration, check out more of the FIESTA FUN TOUR here!
So much fun for me to be included in such a talented group of makers.
Thank you for including me Dana!
PSSST.....these little pigs are available for purchase!
I plan to have them in the shop soon!


  1. Oh Aubrey, you are such a fun writer, on top of your darling doll-making talents! I hope you do write a children's book...or can you write a doll/toy making book?? I will be the first to do a book review about it on my site! (I'm serious). I love the way this project evolved for you and the image of a fiesta with pigs serving veggie tacos. haha. Adorable! Thank you again for sharing about these fabrics and having so much fun with it. You're fantastic!
    - Dana

  2. Love these little piggies! Aubrey, Dana has a good idea there. Maybe you should give it some thought? I'd be the first in line to buy it!


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