Thursday, October 10, 2013

strawberry girl

inspiration comes in many forms.
this. well this mural is amazing. 
Something about her struck me the minute I first saw her...
She is part of the Richmond mural project 2013 in Richmond, Virginia.
a place where some of my favorites live. ;)
I couldn't resist an aubreyplays "hello doll" designed after seeing her.
and, I think of her often.
I imagine this girl in the mural takes baths in strawberry jam and has a pet rubber duck. 
Because why not?
Her tattoo features a bird (representing her bird from the mural)
and the words 
"use the whole box" 
(reminding you to express yourself using the whole box of crayons in life)
I heard, that after the mural was completed a nipple was showing and they had to paint over it 
with the bandaids.
How painful.
I think me tattooing "use the whole box" was my way of protesting the thought of painting over something that was the original expression.
hello bright frilly tutu.
hello strawberry goodness.
and hello little pet rubber duck.
Hello sweeeeeet polka dot hair tie
hello lovely matching shoes.
and hello sassy blue hair.
and hello one of a kind special awesomeness.
just for you.
she can be found here.
and features:
removable little tutu skirt.
pet rubber ducky

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