Thursday, August 29, 2013

hello doll. photographer

She went fast. so in case you missed her, my latest Hello doll left the shop last week.

hello capturing the world.
expressing yourself.
hello little badazz photography geek...

with your little blue hair streaks and polka dot hair tie.
Hello sweeeeeet little bikes.
hello lovely tattoos.

and hello sassy pig tails.
Hello adorable black glasses. 

Hello rock'n lacy knee socks.
and hello one of a kind special awesomeness.

Say hello to this fabulous doll.
Each, hello doll is one of a kind just for you.
This girl shoots faster than a speeding bullet.

she is made with love and care.
each detail is carefully sewn for quality and beauty.

Interested in just ordering that camera as an accessory?
let me know.
I am a push over for love notes.

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