Thursday, May 30, 2013

SUPER stuff to see. I miss you.

Hi. I have not fallen off the planet. I just am way more efficient over on this little spot called instagram
People who follow me there, probably know way too much...but that's cool. 
What's not cool, is I sort of miss you guys over here in blog land.
But I am trying to be super mom, super woman ya know, and this is my best for now.
NO super long chatty blog posts just quick cool stuff to check out!
like this guy:
and knee patches
and tiny TATTOOS.
yep, I may live a little bit vicariously...

Anyway, I wanted you to know that, I am here. I mean there
I would love for you to follow me. 
Tons of fun stuff gets thrown up there.
Most one of a kind cheeky.
Most of it goes, before it ever makes it to the shop and that...
well that is just plain AWESOME. 
But if you want a little bit of awesomeness, you have to jump over and say hi friends!
let's play.
AND, if you do stop over, say hi. You know, so I know, and then I won't feel like I am giving a high five here and am just, you know hang'n.

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