Friday, March 15, 2013

It's awesome. but you make it that way

A few months ago, I was at the fabric store. (what!? the fabric store, I know. you are shocked)
It was a Friday afternoon and I was thanking the woman who had just cut my yards of fabric for me.
"Have a great day, and yay, it's Friday!"
the woman grumbled.
"doesn't make any difference anyway. same as any other day...except now my kids will be home all weekend to annoy me."
didn't expect that one coming.
SO, instead of skipping off to my car, like I normally do, no lie....I sort of stumbled to it.
I sat down and thought to myself, hmmm. is she right?
If you know me, then you know, that this thought lasted for only a brief minute.
UM, Nooooo. She is not right.
Sure every other day is pretty much the same as Friday.
And sure, I am not all dancing queen at a club with my man in DC on a Friday night like I was many decades ago...
And yes, the kids will be home, and they will make messes and I will yell.
But isn't that sort of awesome?

Yep. It's Friday and that's AWESOME.
this got me thinking, but why? 
Being awesome is a state of mind.

On Fridays, I have a hot lunch date with my guy.
(and by hot I mean, we go out for lunch and let someone else make us something hot)
But, knowing that, I do try to dress a little cuter, put a little more bounce in my step.
WE DECIDED that that is what we want to do on Fridays.

On Friday, the BEAN, has, "slurpee Friday."
She loves slurpees. 
I made up "slurpee Friday" so she stopped asking me for one every day.
But, it makes Friday awesome for her. 
She says it every Friday morning...
"yay! It's Friday!!!"

Everyone in this house is always happy that it's Friday...

SO, the more I thought about this, the more I realized that this attitude:
 could, should and will be applied to the every day.
That doesn't mean, we'll go out like we do on Fridays...
but what if I wake up on Sunday and think:
YES, today my house is going to smell like laundry!!
 (one of my favorite, favorite smells)
instead of:
I bet, without even trying too hard even, I could maybe think why every single day of the week is awesome.
EVEN...that dreaded MONDAY! :)
The point is...
It's Friday, and I want you to feel good about that.
I want you to feel good every day.
It's going to be awesome.
But you are the one making it that way.


  1. Aubrey, I just love your outlook on life. I really needed this today, it's been a rough week (puppy health problems). Thank you for putting a smile in my face and giving me a bit of that pep back in my step. Seriously, I needed this!!
    You are awesome!!!! Luv + hugs sent your way! Happy Friday, girl!!

  2. I love this post and agree 100%!!! Positive mental attitude is SO important!


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