Tuesday, October 30, 2012

meet Baltimore.

have you ever had those moments in life when, all the pieces of paper that were floating around in the wind suddenly got caught up in a gust so huge that they all somehow all ended up together in a neat little pile?
That's Baltimore.
And this is him.
Baltimore has been on my heart, my wish list since I was about 5 years old. I saw a great Dane out one day and I could never erase him from my mind.
I pictured him for years. Any time I would think about the perfect dog. 
That is the dog that that entered my mind. The timing just was never really right. 
I never started looking for him.
There have been bits and pieces over the last six months. 
The pieces of paper started floating around Is the best way to describe it.
Our Moose is getting older. (he is a yellow lab who just turned nine.)
 I have been thinking it would be good for him to have a puppy around.
After keeping my moms dog a couple weeks ago, my suspicions were right. Having another dog around gives him more pep in his step...another paper out there floating...
Well, all the pieces fell together one week ago, I came across him. After a couple of days I just could not get him out of my head.
And so, somewhat unexpectedly I got my pup.
Head over heels. {raises hand right here} and lots of puppy training for this sweet guy.
I just love him, his harlequin spots, and badazzz "nose ring" and lap dog tendencies.
true love.

My brother got a beautiful puppy a few months back. His name was KANE. For reasons I don't understand, the Bean thought his name was Baltimore. I loved it. We had our honeymoon in Baltimore.
I think right then, another piece of paper had gone afloat. ;)


  1. I cannot get over how handsome Baltimore is! I absolutely love him!! We have been talking about getting a Dane for a while.

  2. He is BEAUTIFUL and I love his name. <3 Congrats, friend!


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