Thursday, October 18, 2012

let's embarrass mom. a cure.

{I know. Pretty. Don't be jealous}

Hi! I am back and am in full force. You probably won't see me on here again till next week.
I had to share a mom winning moment from our drive back yesterday. Cause, well, it's fun to win.

SO my kids have this fun game called "let's embarrass mom." They think it is hilarious.
SO yesterday, they played the game lock mom out of the car in public and tell her to dance if she wants in.
WELL, I busted a move like nobodies business.
I am pretty sure the look of terror that crossed my daughters face took right care of that.
She just kept saying in shock on the drive home.... Mom, those people. Oh god. you made their jaws drop.
Yep. kids. Mom is wise and unashamed.
No more "let's embarrass mom" 



  1. I call this "beating then at their own game." You rock and totally win a Mom award for that one :)

  2. This is Awesome! Definitely beat them at their own game!


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