Thursday, October 4, 2012

feel good Friday. Be a fruit loop.

My kids guide me.
I feel like if I were a cat, they are the balls of string that I follow around.
Even if I have completely exhausted myself.
I can't help it.

I feel like I am a cheer leader who has laryngitis.
Like maybe they can't really hear me, but I am yelling out those cheers at the top of my lungs.
Be you.
BE who you are.
Be a Fruit loop.
who cares what people think.
Easy for me to say right?
I am not the one knee deep in teenage hormones.

Well, Maybe I should keep better track of those hormones because last night I was knee deep in something. Mom's have feelings too you know. AND when the entire day was spent trying to make each and everyone happy and it seems like no one really is the melt down starts to happen.
I start to question everything.
I start to wonder what in the world am I doing and why did I ever think I could make it all work.

"you're so crazy mom"
Listen, I am not crazy.
I am a fruit loop.
Trying my very best to swim in this giant bowl of cheerios and trying my best to teach you how to be a fruit loop too.

And this morning when I watched Bean reading,
and I watched him playing the piano,
and I watched her so responsibly plan out her day....
I was happy.
They might just end up fruit loops after all.

on a side note:
 Ladies, you are all doing a good job.
Try not to be so hard on yourselves,
It's hard being everything to everyone all the time.
Be kind to yourself...
and maybe {as it dawned on me this morning} you should watch the calendar and be EXTRA kind to yourself, oh I don't know, every 28 days or so...because maybe then you will avoid a melt down altogether.}
And even though I might not ever buy a box of them, looking at this image today made me realize I vote for the fruit loops.
Have a great weekend.

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  1. Thanks for the note at the end - I REALLY needed to hear that today. Love you, friend.


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