Wednesday, September 5, 2012

computer junkie&other confessions...

okay, so shhhh. I so am sitting in a closet writing this. Hiding from my daughter, whom I just stole her computer from. And honestly I don't really feel that guilty.
My computer crashed over the weekend... I had no idea how dependent I was.
I might need AAA...or wait, I think I have that already...
So, I guess I am a computer junkie after all.
The shame.
What else is bringing me to shame as of late?
*I wish on a daily basis that Starbucks delivered coffee to homeschooling mamas who could use that little pick me up.
*I wish on a daily basis that I could just hire a maid. Just once. To start me at ground zero again.
I confess that I feel like I am climbing an uphill battle on house cleaning lately and have revolted a little by not doing it as much. I should be meaner. I should yell more. But instead I just stopped picking up everyone else's messes to say to them I am not your maid. But unfortunately, no one else in this house speaks mom.
I should feel grateful that I can be home with all these wonderful mess making monsters instead of wishing for a maid. That makes me feel guilty and a little indignant all at once.
* I have been slacking on getting in my daily exercise. I know it and I want it, I just am not doing it.
I took a little companion with me yesterday to give it a go. We got half way down the hill from our house and she red faced and sweaty asked if we were done now.
I called for a ride home....Gosh she has the cutest butt ever though.
*while I am on the subject of being more active, I might as well throw in eating right.
I feel bad that lately, I often think it would be so much easier to eat only what I plan to if I didn't have to feed anyone else.  I want to be that mom who makes a cake just because it's Monday....
I just wish on Tuesday, at around eleven in the morning...I wasn't the mom muttering "damn Monday cake" as I decided I must have a piece.
*I am that mom who hides in her own closet for a moments peace...
who should probably be painting my toe nails instead of writing this random post.
Did you see my instagram last week that I took when I looked down and realized that they were pretty bad...and I should have felt embarrassed. But I just didn't care. I was too tired. I had too many other things to care about that day. It was that bad.
*Maybe I wouldn't be so tired if I stopped staying up every night watching Mad Men. Can I tell you that part of this latest obsession, is that the hot secretary of the office has a bigger butt than me? She's gorgeous. But still. Does that make me a bad person, that that brings me a little peace? I was so born to the wrong century.
Except, I guess that this century has computers, and that was what I started this whole post about in the first place...hence the instagram use....which did not require my computer for getting photos from.

I have a small stack of items that I planned on adding to the shop this week...but all the photos are waiting for me on my own computer. I might get desperate and have to retake photos.
I really am embarrassed at this new found thought of how dependent I have become on that computer.
I think my jig is up.
gotta run.
Thanks for the little fix. ;)


  1. "Damn Monday cake" made me laugh! AHH! That's like champagne Thursdays, right? ;)

    1. I don't know what Champagne Thursdays are! But I am going to find out ;)

  2. Just reading the first few lines, I knew this was going to be an awesome post! My toe nails look like a hot mess too, and I suppose I should probably fix them since I can still reach them by putting them up on the toilet lid to paint them. Soon enough, even if I can still reach them at 9 months pregnant I'm sure I'm not going to care enough to want to. "Damn Monday Cake" certainly made me laugh!

  3. I am also in the very bad habit of watching Mad Men in bed. I can't help it. And I recently got an iPad so now my Netflix is there and waiting for me to watch it all night long. Sigh. Poor me. Poor you. #boohoo

  4. I would be a complete hot mess without my computer. I know it. I went without one for about a week right after Christmas and it nearly killed me! I hope you get it back soon!

    As for all the other stuff... ;) congrats on being human just like the rest of us! we could all use more time, more sleep, and lots more of christina hendricks. she is smoking hot. :)

    xoxo friend!

  5. I always enjoy your posts - glad you stole away to the closet to write this one.

  6. Loved this post. Thank-you. Funny and light hearted and TRUE.x

    1. Jodie- thanks! I sent the first thank you via email and it came back (noreply blogger) Have a great week!


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