Wednesday, August 29, 2012

a "little dude"

a little bit Humpty Dumpty.
a little bit Sherlock Holmes.
a little bit pirate.
A "little dude" for your little dude.
Made from something he wore when he was really little.
I have had many requests from mamas with little dudes for a boy version 
 he is my new "little dude"
* hand embroidered sleepy eyes and freckles.
*removable pirate patch.
*mustache in hair color of your choice
* pocket or embellishment that is on the original item
he's flexing all the cute little muscle that he's got just to put a smile on your face.
He is one cool dude.


  1. OMG how stinking cute is this? I LOVE his mustache!! I have something I am going to send your way for a girl doll after Delilah is here and gets her newborn pics in it. (A bathing suit that used to be mine when I was a babe!)

  2. love love love love! and the stash--love even more!


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