Tuesday, June 5, 2012

a magical weekend

I had the most magical weekend.
Spent with a group of amazing women.
Who I am related to by blood.
That was a strange way to put it wasn't it?
to explain:
I am the oldest of four children.
I am also the only girl.

In addition to being the only girl in my own family,
I also somehow have always ended up on the opposite side of the country
from this group of women in my Mom's family.

Our Grandma turned 85 years old and somehow,
everyone was finally able to come together all at once.

It was the kind of weekend that completely refueled
my complete belief in girl power.
I am the second oldest girl in this group and
I sometimes wonder if this group has anything to do with the fire
I have inside for encouraging girls.
The calling I have to be every girls cheerleader and to not judge.
No one really knows another womans struggles.
Especially girls that walk with grace and the well being of others.
This group, I watched with awe, because they each walk with grace.

It was so fun for me to see each of them.
We are all adults now. I could hardly believe it.
It was so fun to share them with my kids.
To see them hug my son, and my daughters.
To see the younger cousins playing and getting along like they have known each other for always.
It was so incredible to look across the room at a face and see "home"
Like, hey, I know you...and you are a part of me.
It really was a little bit like magic.
I was so sad when they all flew home to their spots.

I wanted to tell them each as I I said goodbye that
"I've got your back"...but I did not and I should have.
So, I suppose now I have another excuse to write some love notes...
and beg for pictures.

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  1. I sometimes purposely don't tell people stuff so that I can send a note later on. I have the sneaking suspicion that you may have done the same......


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