Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dear Family, you might have to walk the plank...

Dear Family,
Okay. We have had our little demonstration.
To explain to you what a coaster is.
Now use one. 
If you don't, you are walking the plank because these are beasts.

Beast of coasters. Big, beefy coasters.
Sometimes, well, most of the time, my projects are based on necessity.
This morning, I found it absolutely necessary to whip of a batch of coasters
to save my things. I may have gone a little overboard on size.
But, I wanted to make absolutely sure that the coaster did the job.
I know, things are just things, but those things only stay nice 
We had other coasters. I think they were metal...
They rusted, and the Bean decided they were toys, and they all disappeared.
Rings have been appearing in my house in their place and I finally lost my mind.
It probably wasn't pretty.

I of course went to my scraps of typewriter fabric
{because typewriters are a current sickness I have}
I used scraps of my insulbright for the middle too...
wonder if that is some sort of brilliant discovery I have made...
insulation in a coaster....could be sort of brilliant??

It took less than 20 minutes.
Hopefully problem solved.
They make me sort of happy too.
They look like me.
Much better than those metal coasters
that did not look like me.
And now, I can breath a sigh of relief
{I hope}

Just call me Coaster Woman....
saving furniture one side table at a time.
I hope she wears an awesome outfit.

And in closing.
have a happy Wednesday!


  1. Those coasters are adorable but I'm certain it would take at least 15 minutes just to thread my sewing machine.

  2. The coasters are absolutely adorable!! :) I needed some coasters so I took tiles, scrapbook paper, modpodge and indoor/outdoor sealer and some felt circles for feet - but your coasters are phenomenal! :) Love them!

  3. Love it! Because I really don't WANT to lose it, but sometimes......! ;)

  4. I love coasters. I sometimes make them just to give myself an excuse to buy a new mug. :)


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