Monday, April 23, 2012

taking the weekend off?

Okay. I am going to spell it out for you.
I often refer to my house as "the loonie bin"
It's okay. It's just part of having a house full of healthy. happy. smart. kids.
Those of you who are where I am at are nodding your head in agreement.
Those of you who don't have your own loonie bin yet might in the future,
thank me for the advance warning.
SO, late on Saturday after picking up one from a sleepover and taking back another's friend it started raining.
I told them that was my que.
Dudes,  I am taking the day off.
Taking the day off from the house.
Taking the day off as a cook.
Taking the day off as the housekeeper.
Taking the day off as the taxi driver.
Taking the day off as a referee {um, well that one not so much}
Luckily, we had a new toy in the house. An Xbox Kinect.
It was worth every last dime to me this weekend
because it kept them totally entertained really letting me go do my thing.
And this is a rare thing. Usually it takes way more than a simple announcement.
But, I guess the odds were in my favor ;)
So I continued the trend through Sunday too.
What did I do?
I played in the studio.
I made some new items for the shop.
I listened to some new tunes.
I actually just relaxed.
I had no one telling me what to do.
I jumped on my inspiration bandwagon.
My momentum has finally returned.
{oh, hello momentum...where have you been?}
As I've said before. You need to use it while you have it!
And luckily I had the weekend work again!


  1. Yesterday I took the kids to the park. I played tag, I ran with the dog and I pushed little bums on swings. I cleaned, I cooked, I schooled.
    Today I am doing nada. I am sewing while listening to bad reality TV. I ordered Chinese food for lunch and am ordering pizza for dinner. We are even using paper plates and cups.
    Today I refuel because if I don't I'll start forgetting who I was before cooking and cleaning and schooling.

  2. I am looooving the new pretties in the shop! I'm taking the week off from worrying and putting that energy into working. :)

  3. Absolutely love those new items. Glad you were able to take some YOU time.


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