Friday, October 7, 2011

the power of momentum

theMONSTERS: this is where aubrey plays was born last November.

Momentum. It really is a power.
I read it once somewhere-
of all the assets that a business can posses.
Momentum is the most important.
It's really true.

It goes in phases.
And I have come to realize that if you've got it you need to harness it.
Like a mad scientist, just absorb it, Listen to it, follow it, trust it.

But sometimes it's hard. You know if you have other people who need you.
Others who don't understand the power of momentum running through you NOW.

and then it's lost.

When that happens what do you do?
When you hear that voice in the back of your head saying "hey! wake up! WHERE'D you go?"
sometimes you need to just listen. (as hard as that can be in a busy household)

So, I wanted to make some notes for myself, for when I'm lost and I need to get my momentum back.
too bad it's not as easy as slipping in to a phone booth like Clark Kent and slipping that momentum super suit on.
(gee, I wonder what that suit would look has to have a pair of cute boots I think)
okay focus girl. Here we go:
Ways to hold onto your momentum:
1. even if your busy busy with life. take notes, take pictures, keep a file on your computer to save ideas, to save that inspiration. 
2. You are not going to feel that same spark from that inspiration later if you do not write down WHY it inspired you. WHAT were your first thoughts? take that minute to make a note of it.
3. Sometimes you are busy busy working on other peoples ideas and you loose sight of yours.
4. this is a hard one, but I have found it is worth it almost every time. EVEN IF IT IS LATE, IF YOU ARE FEELING INSPIRED USE IT.
you may be tired in the morning. you can sleep when you're dead.
if you feel frustrated. or burn out. Walk away for a day or two. This may mean the momentum is gone for now, but if you keep your mind open and listen It will come back to you.
6. Go back and look at where you first were coming from. Your first instinct may not always be EXACTLY right, but I'm betting it's somewhere in the vicinity of right ;)

This week I lost some momentum.
Yesterday I seized a spark and I'm glad.
Here's a peek at a bag I designed harnessing the momentum.
happy Friday! I hope you get some time for your own ideas this weekend!

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