Monday, April 30, 2012

I like to wander, but I'm not lost

Don't let them tell you not to wander.
I mean this in the biggest sense of the word.
Without wander in your life, what will you experience? what will you learn?
Oregon 1976.
I have always liked to wander off the straight paths.
When I was younger, I worried that other people would judge me for that.
When I was younger that mattered.
I have reached a point in my life where I really finally feel comfortable with
my own choices.
{Yes, I got married very young.
I still love that man and he loves me,
and we have a beautiful family, funny how I was right about that huh?}
This was just the beginning of my choices that people questioned...
But I have learned to TRUST myself.

Sometimes, I recognize a look a person will give me,
they seemed to be confused by my answers,
like maybe they think I am lost.
I tell myself, that maybe they are the ones who are lost.
Lost in everyone else's shoulds.
No, you don't have to do what people tell you, you should do.
They are their shoulds, not yours.

Now I know I may wander a bit.
But I also now know, that doesn't mean I am lost.
It just means that sometimes, I follow my own path...
not the one that others created before me.
And my path has lead me to my life which has worked out just fine.
I will continue to wander...
I will continue to learn...
I will.

{I'm wandering into painting again. I plan to add them to the shop. Each will be one of a kind originals} 


  1. this is amazing. One of my favorite quotes now embodied by one of my favorite blogger's art. :)

  2. This made me smile. Thanks for that(: Now i have to get back to my homework): Hehe...

  3. thanks so much for the smile in return!
    Good luck with that homework! I'm not jealous ;)


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