Friday, April 27, 2012

feel good Friday: be magnificent.

It's FRIDAY!!!!
I think we all need to hang this somewhere it will greet us each day.
for reals.
Could I maybe get that camera too?
phew. made it through another marathon week.
This song touches me. It makes me feel good.
AND today:
*lunch date today with the hubs. (with the Bean in tow. that still counts right?)
*Counting down the minutes till my sitter comes home from college.
{mama needs a night completely off with her man!!}
*I'm cutting out a dress for yours truly out of my "write more love notes" fabric.
{wish me luck!!}

Want to throw me something today that makes it a feel good day?


  1. Happy Friday! I also shared this video. It spoke to me too. I hope your lunch is fabulous, and your bean and hubby give you LOTS of love today. peace friend.

    1. And THANK YOU, for always being you. :)

  2. well, I don't know, but that last comment certainly adds to the feel good of my day! ;)
    Thanks for your sweetness.

  3. Haha I want that sign & the camera! Hope you had a good lunch date & that you have a great weekend! :)


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