Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I'm not playing hookie

We have been outside a lot.
I'm not really playing hookie... I found my Bean outside all ready with her sun hat.
If you  peeked in on me you would know:
* that I have been beyond happy with my windows open
{until the breeze blew in too hard inside the studio and landed my business cards all over the floor}

*that we have been prepping the garden so we can start to plant some veggies in it soon!
*that I had to go get my teeth cleaned today.
{yuck, not my favorite}
*that my children are giving me gray hair
*that my Moose has been acting like a puppy over the giddiness of two new tennis balls, and that makes me very happy.
*that I have sent out a couple custom orders this week.
*that I hope you are out enjoying some spring too.


  1. I know I have been!! We have been out working in the garden, days at the park or beach, and crafting on the back porch instead of inside!

  2. Do you know how cold it it here? How icy and gross?
    Are you trying to hurt me?

  3. I wish it was spring weather here. So jealous!

    Et tu, tutu?


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