Friday, March 30, 2012

the apple tree.

I want to tell you a story about my 5 year old.
At the time though, she was actually only 4.
This story started almost exactly one year ago.
It was the start of spring so I got out my pots, and filled a couple with planting soil.
I had planned on planting a few herbs on the kitchen window.
As often is the case, a couple weeks went by before I went back to them.
On one particular morning I found my Bean had moved one of the pots off the window.
She sort of did a scream of glee. When I came to see what she was doing I found her.
She was whispering to it, and she was watering it.
To my surprise, there was a tiny little sprout coming from the center of the pot.
"What are you doing?" I asked.
"I am watering my apple seed."
"Your apple seed?" I asked surprised.
"yes. I planted it. I am taking care of it. When it gets bigger, I am going to sell people it's beautiful juicy apples."
It seems, my little bean planted herself an apple tree.  I suppose she planted this seed one day after her snack when I wasn't watching.  She watered it.  She nurtured it.  She loved it.  She screamed with glee when it sprouted.  My little bean is FOUR.  If she can make an apple tree grow, well then think of what you can do.  

I was really proud of her, so I searched to see how I could keep that little sprout surviving.
Almost every site I clicked on said it was almost impossible to get an apple tree to sprout from an apple seed of your snack. It also said often that even if you do get a tree out of it, there was no guarantee that you would ever get apples. I don't know how true this is. I know everything you read on the internet is not true.
BUT I thought to myself WOW, 
If I had looked first, I may not have ever planted that apple seed.
I wouldn't want to fail.

I decided that what ever I needed to do, I would keep this four year old's apple tree alive.
I realized that it could be four or five years maybe before we ever see an apple. I told her that, and she didn't even blink. That girl just does what has to be done to reach her goal. Without thinking about it twice.
I have taught her to believe in herself. And believe she does.
In the fall, I transported this delicate little sprout like stick into a giant barrel.
If it survived the winter, we had a pretty good chance.
Guess what. It just sprouted leaves....
The reason I told you all this isn't to brag about my daughter.
Though I do sort of think she is the bees knees ;)
and I am grateful for that little sprout every day.
I told you this so that when you go out to conquer your next project,
you do it with a heart of a four year old.
Trust yourself.
I would tell you how much you should believe in yourself.
Don't listen too much to the doubters who really don't know what the end result might be.
Only you have that picture in your head.
 My little bean was FOUR.  If she can make an apple tree grow, well then think of what you can do.  
*train track photos tinabazalaphotography. spring 2011.


  1. You have a very inspirational little girl!

  2. love that kid! She learned it all from her momma!

  3. what a great story and an even better message. i wanna squeeze your little girl! tell her i want the first apple off that tree!!

  4. Sounds like a very sweet little girl :) It's amazing what we can learn from kids!

  5. LOVE this, lady! Thanks for this inspirational post. I needed to hear it!

  6. This is such an amazing story!!! I love it. Thank you for sharing it :))

  7. i love it. just what i needed today. thanks, especially to your Bean.


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