Monday, January 2, 2012

my make more list..2011 absolute FAVORITES

I have a to do list, or want to make list,
a inspiration list....
I have all these ideas for the shop...
but time gobbles me up.
It happens. I am whole.
I love being a mama and that I can drop everything and "snugglebuggle" at the moments need.
I not so love that I can referee a brother-sister fight and get right in the middle. But I can.
I love that after all these years of marriage, my guy still needs a night or two a week of snuggling on the couch or talking.
I am the taxi driver and meal planner.
I am the maid and the laundry goddess.
I try to be every ones cheerleader.
That usually means the inspirations I have come last.
That's ok  I tell myself. I will get to them eventually.
The fact that I am all those things allows me to pursue my dreams on the side.

These past 6 months I have been so lucky to get so many custom orders.
I have fun making other people's ideas come to life...
They are what I do first when I get into the studio.
I want my peeps to be happy with their orders and not have to wait too long for me.
But that leaves little time for my ideas.

So I have been looking at my list. Here are a few of my favorite things that left the shop in 2011.
The ones on my to do list that I hope to put back in the shop this year. ready to ship.
these baby bees. the pile of beautiful scraps I have saved are just calling their names!
Oh how I loved this sweet pea purse. I have a stack of gorgeous vintage sheets to make more of her.
The brown and purple here? It was hard for me to send out this one and not keep it for myself. 
the suit. I ran out of the suit fabric and have been on the look out ever since. 
An absolute favorite reversible purse.
omygosh. another set I absolutely adored.  I want to have more of these typewriter sets.
They are just too charming not to.
AND last-with the return of Bella in Breaking Dawn, I am re-visting my Bella bag. Because seriously, who doesn't need a little plaid in their life??
I have lots of other ideas too.  Of course I do.  
So keep tuned and I promise not to fail you this year.
What were your favorite projects??

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