Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I'm almost not crazy

Dear Style Mint,
I saw your shirt a couple of places lately and ABSOLUTELY HAD TO HAVE IT!!
I entered contests for it. I went to your website for it. But dude, you make it too hard.
The first time I jumped over to your website, you asked me to fill out your little questionnaire, so I obliged. Then, I  tried to find it...but more roadblocks, so I walked away...thankyouverymuch for your little style suggestions, but I just wanted the shirt.
Fast forward.
I see it again, and again I think, "I need that shirt."
I went to your website again, tried again to just find it and buy it.
I clicked and tried and clicked and tried but just could not get to it. Oh how I tried.
I never did find it. I did not have the time to keep looking.
Sometimes fancy pants technology gets no one buying your fancy pants.
thanks for the determination,
to be continued.....

1 comment:

  1. Oh I like it. :) The shirt, not the trouble trying to get the shirt. ;)


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