Monday, November 28, 2011

Guest Post: Meet Tricia from Mama Marchand

Hi, Aubrey Plays readers! I’m Tricia and I blog at Mama Marchand’s Musings. I just opened my Etsy shop, Mama’s Nest Designs, in October and I just joined Aubrey on the writing staff of RevolutionizeHer, a blog about inspiring women who are self-employed.

When Aubrey asked me to guest post about what I do when life get too serious, I laughed out loud because that’s been my life lately! This fall season has been chaotic and stressful, to put it lightly, and I’ve been trying to focus on how to let loose, have fun, and play!

Playing is rather easy to do in our little house because it’s slowly being taken over by our 20 month old daughter’s toy collection. That photo is just a small glimpse into what our living room usually looks like. N loves to color now and she’s quite obsessed with sticker so I find myself coloring in princess dresses or flowers in her latest Disney coloring book or being the canvas for her sticker art.

She’s quite the funny little girl so her sense of humor, cheesy giggles, and the way she starts a tickle fest make me laugh at a moment’s notice. The girl LOVES to laugh and make you laugh, too! If we’re having a particularly serious or {let’s be honest} boring day at home, we get out of the house. We’ll go to a park & run around like crazy people or go to the mall and ooh & ahh at the “foo foos” {her word for dogs} at the pet store.

I’m just now getting the courage to try messy crafts with her so over Thanksgiving weekend, we made salt dough handprint ornaments and it was a blast! I found the tutorial at Nest of Posies – click here to check it out! I think we’ll try homemade play-dough next.
The very best thing to cure my serious is my daughter. We have a blast with her and she keeps us playful!


  1. what a precious little girl! :) good thing you have her to help you let loose and laugh when things get to serious! :)

  2. What a fun post! I love making salt dough, too! It's so cheap and easy.

  3. I loved this post Tricia!!!
    Thank you ;)

  4. You're welcome - thanks for sharing your space with me! :) <3


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