Monday, November 28, 2011

45 reasons for the birthday girl

see that lovely gal next to me?
She's my mama.
today she's 60.
You honestly would never know it though looking at her.
She's one of a kind, no one like her.
She is mostly why I am who I am.
I seriously love that crazy woman, and here are my reasons:
1. she thinks it's a compliment when you tell me your mama wears combat boots.
2. she can shake it
3. she will laugh if you hurt yourself, (sorry I will too)
4. she will cry if you tell her something nice
5. she can be a badaz if she needs to.
6. she was the one and only parent there for most of my life.
7. she will tell you to stop doing what "you should"
8. she is tall, blonde and skinny {have you met me?}
9. She believes in mermaids and fairies and other cool things
10. she believes in me.
11.she is the rockingest Nani (grandma) to my kiddos
12. she gave me good stories to tell.
13. she was a wild child. (I just know it)
14. she won't willingly let you take her picture
15. you can call her at 2 am and she'll probably just be getting going
16. she loves her dog
17. she named us all well.
18. she used to dance with me lots when I was little.
19. she always thought (or at least said) that I was the best little artist
20. she always told me how smart I am
21. she get's checked out by all the boys at the mall (present day)
22. she's not going to get walked on ever.
23. she is steadfast in her beliefs
24. She lets people be people. She won't just judge you.
25. she is a spitfire.
26. she had me. ;)
27. she makes the most amazing cranberry sauce
28. she taught me how to sew
29. she was the mom who took me to all different kinds of churches. Not just one.
30. she is the only one I know who you can prank call and she will ask you to hang up and do it again.
31. She as a weird mom sense of knowing things
32. she can knit like no one I know
33. she's go your back
34. she's not embarrassed to say you should celebrate her birthday for a month
35. she moved me around to all the best places
36. she encouraged skipping school on occasion
37. she is a vegetarian and basically eats all raw now (talk about committed)
38. I always thought she was tough on me. Now I have girls, I get it.
39. she got me a horse once.
40. she took me to see footloose at a drive in.
41. she stayed up all night to help me with my school speech. (believe me, there was never one like it)
42. she believes in karma
43. she's not going to be that typical grandma. it's not her.
44. she's not afraid to start learning something new, now.
45. she gets slap happy right along with me.

So say happy birthday to the woman won't you?
I'm going to make her read this.
And she is probably going to cry.
But don't you know that's one of the reasons I love her?
Happy Birthday Mom-
I mean it.

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  1. #36 and #6 make her a rock star. Everything together makes her absolutely amazing! What a wonderful momma you have, lucky duck!


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