Friday, September 23, 2011

your bag kinda reminds me of Misses Roper...

That's what the hubs told me this morning.
my thought? YES! I was kinda going for a retro feel.

SO, do you ever walk out the front door, stand on the porch sing a short ditty, ignoring the neighbors because you are not crazy. You are on important business.
and then walk back into the house to get a fresh look at what ever you are working on?
I do.
I have been hoarding a bit. Which if you know me, is NOT what I do.
But I have been holding onto a few fabrics that are for items in my shop. You know, just in case they fly crazily off the shelf and I have to make a few more.
Yeah, not so much on a couple.
SO this morning I decided what a better way to do something fresh than pull them out and look at them with new eyes.
what do you think?? this way?
this way. Miss roper way?
You know what my choice is from the first line of this post :)
I saw them as the new sweet pea bag I have been playing with and I think I finally got it right!
What about these options??

yeah, looking at those two, I guess I am sort of on a more retro theme. Maybe I should just set my brain outside for a few minutes. Or not.
I'm going to start with the brown chevron.
I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts!
and I tried really hard to find you the three's company theme song to put some bounce in your step today, but all I could find was the new crissy... what ever her name was. And I refuse because she just annoyed me so.
Happy Friday!!

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