Wednesday, September 21, 2011

having a bad day? Make something pretty.

Life is good.
I'm a lucky gal. And I really don't mean to complain,
but sometimes, you have a day where you just keep hitting road blocks.
Simple ones, like no toilet paper, the car won't start, the dryer won't start. Your toddler spills juice all over the floor, your dog pukes, you burn the toast, see where I am going?? and you want to do is say ARRGGG!
Yesterday was not going so well.
I know that sometimes you have to just put on your big girl panties and carry on.
But sometimes, it is good to just change it. And I decided to make something pretty.
I've had these new heirloom fabrics sitting at the bottom of my stack for a while now
and yesterday I said, you know what? I'm skipping ahead.
I need to make something pretty.
If you know me, this girl likes orange so I thought I would make a new purse and since it was orange and all, I would make something for ME! I was experimenting with a new shape and a little flap.
If you've seen a bunch of my purses, you know that I like to make them reversible when ever possible, and I wondered if I put a magnetic flap on this one, could it still be reversible??
With the flap inside the purse, I say yes.
What do you think?
 the pocket is on the outside too. just like my Suit purse.
of course I needed a clutch wallet to match
 see, bad day, not so bad.
and I have enough fabric left to make one more just like this...
any takers?

I think I'll call her the sweet pea purse. That's what her shape reminded me of as I was working her out.
And maybe I will make a version with little pockets in the front sort of like this.
{one of the inspirations for my purse)
(I don't know where I found this picture it was in my "inspirations folder" but good job who ever made it!)
fun yeah?

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