Friday, September 2, 2011

SWAP reveal ;)

So as some of you know and have heard me hinting. I participated in a small swap this month.
The deadline was Monday and all the packages should have been sent out and received by now ;)
It obviously was a top secret and Calvert operation.
But now I am free to share!!
My gal that I sent goodies to was Rebecca over here.
We emailed back and forth and I found out she liked teal/turquoise.
Re purposed items.
Birds in cages.
And she really needed a new wallet.
So here's what she got!!

I made the wallet, wristlet out of a toddler dress.
turquoises {check}
re purposed {check}
wallet {check}
smooshed ruffles {check}

so that didn't seem good enough...
So I decided to make her a sweet little snack mat set.
birds in cages on burlap, sort of {check}
and you see that ruffle tail little birdie on the bottom left corner?
the bottom of another toddler dress!!

I hope that getting her package was super fun.  
I'll post pictures of what I got soon!

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  1. It totally made my day! I practically skipped into the house with my package and was so excited to open it. I LOVE the wallet and snack mats. You definitely overdid yourself. Xoxo
    I'll be posting about the swap soon and linking up to you as well.


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