Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Meet Ida

Ida is a little bird.
She came out of the mind of my four year old.
A little girl who was sad because her mama sent away a set of snack mats...
A set that had a heart birdcage...
SHE: Ida needs to have a heart cage to live in...
ME: Can it be an Orange cage?
SHE: yes
SHE: Ida needs to be pink, and orange and yellow and blue...
ME: Will these fabrics work?
SHE: yes
SHE {with big sad eyes} Ida is stuck in her cage, she is so sad!
ME: you said you wanted a heart birdcage
SHE: {with really, really big sad eyes} yes
ME: do you want me to set Ida free?
SHE: knodding vigorously...
Me: close your eyes, and I am going to flip your mat over...
ready open your hands....
SHE: {GLEEE} How'd you do that mama?
ME: I set her free, but when she's tired we will flip the mat over and she will go back into her pretty heart cage to sleep Okay?
ME: Do you like it?
SHE: Can Ida and me have a snack now?
ME: yes

Guess what? I made another Ida for you too. She's sleeping in her pretty heart cage and 
waiting in the shop  just for you and your little one.

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