Saturday, June 11, 2011

this week

this week felt like it went by fast.
I picked up toys and dirt that would redeposit themselves...

This week we got into the groove of summer.
and got our summer attitudes caught on camera ;)

I posted this darling canvas to the shop:
This week I missed {3} things Thursday because THAT DAY I shoved a seam ripper through one finger and then, I burnt another finger making dinner and after that I decided my safest bet would be to sit on the couch with my hand in a bowl of ice water feeling sorry for myself.
I am thankful that 1} by  morning the burning feeling was gone  2} I finally have my garden starting  3} On the days it was too hot to trot we went to the pool
This week I stayed up way way too late designing a purse. she's sort of rock a billy,  but I haven't posted her to the shop because I'm not satisfied....Maybe a felt flower instead of the monogram???

This week I sent these two special orders out of the shop.

this week I made a completely sinful s'more pizza and,

I asked to be invited to pinterest.
this got put on my sewing board instead of my some day one.
I joined pinterest...I actually thought that maybe they were joking when they said I had to be invited. And then I wondered if I'm cool enough. But they did. Phew! I pinned my first {3} things. But, I somehow pinned them all on the same board. So I haven't quite figured it out I guess.

I had a giveaway going on this week for this cute dude.

and got an epic necklace in the mail:

AND this week my new fabrics came in.  It was like Christmas.


  1. Sounds pretty epic. I'm digging the cherry fabric. I'm going to look around your shop a bit right now.

  2. LOVE the camera strap :)cannot wait to give it!!!!! Injured fingers suck MAJORLY!!! I just got an invite to pint rest, I must check it out :)


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