Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Can you say Lucky lucky?

isn't she gorgeous??
I feel like I'm pretty lucky in Life.
But when it comes to a give away or drawing...well, it just doesn't usually happen for me.
I've been entering the comments to various blogs for about 100 years....actually it's more like the past 4.
Maybe the problem is I don't actually leave a comment unless it's something I'd really like. This is because I'd hate to waste the odds on something that I give a shrug over. It would just mess it up you know?
SO you can imagine my excitement when I found out I won over at the Fabulously Flawed Facebook page.
Like shut the front door, get outta town, seriously? I won??

Lesley is a gal who cracks me up and tells it like it is on her blog.  She is sweet and a badazz all rolled into one. I kinda envy that brazen honesty.  It's refreshing.
She asked me what kind of birds nest necklace I would want and did it even better than I could have imagined.  It literally took my breath away when I opened up the package yesterday. I love it. Even down to the chain. How did she know that is my favorite type of clasp ever?
I sort of immediately got a mad girl crush on Miss Lesley.

I mean it. I love it. Here's the thing....I don't really have a thing for birds but anything bird related makes me think of "one flying over the cuckoo's nest." When I think of flying over the cuckoo's nest I know that I can't go crazy nor do I actually want to. This necklace reminds me to relax and appreciate my crazy clan.  Which this necklace holds, the three little eggs that I have to stay sane for and am so lucky to have. See? it's perfect.

 My little model wanted to keep it. Was it mean to say No way?

So you want one too?
Go over to her shop.
Just ask.  She's nice like that.
And her prices are seriously reasonable.

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