Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I got you babe, just look at us, 17 years ago, & yes I'm going to get a little sappy.

17 years ago today.
The invitations were all sent out and the rsvp cards were all back in our hot little, hands.
We got married on a Wednesday.
We had to work that weekend and the money was too good to miss it you know?

17 years ago I sat at the top of a stair case watching the last minute bustling below and it all hit me.
I was 19 years old.
I wasn't a bit nervous.  I just knew it was in my plan.
We had people who said we were too young. Who said I was pregnant {gasp!} 
But we weren't. Were we?
Somehow we just knew this was it. We were going to defeat the odds.
There was no such thing as no you&me.
That was just how it was.
just after we said "I do" & "I do too"

5 years later we had our son. 2 years after that we had our was a Wednesday...
We are lucky you know?
13 years after we got married we had one more little girl just for good measure.
Now here is the part where I am going to get a little sappy.  Because life is a blessing.
And life is a challenge too.  There is nothing perfect in life. 
But sometimes, in certain moments I think to myself... isn't this pretty darn close?
Isn't this what we always wanted?
We still snuggle on the couch and tell each other secrets.
We still can "get" each other with just one look, even from across the room.
We still come back together. Like magnets.
We've got each other's back. No matter what.
And even through the bumps and turbulence, 
we know we have the most important things in life. The things that matter.
I have to thank you for that.
I got you babe.
17 years ago, on a Wednesday we did this.
Happy Anniversary.

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  1. I LOVE this! Congratulations! SO happy for you two! "stuck like glue" I was 19 too! and LOVED every second...I think God just let us "know" this is it! Such a lovely post so well writing and gorgeous...but then again I LOVE your writing :) xoxoxo Have a blessed and happy year! xoxo


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