Wednesday, May 11, 2011

On working out: Let's be totally real, Shall we?

1) I need to get my butt back in gear
2) I'm not messing around
3) My attempts to get up in the morning before the kids have been a big fat total FAIL.
I am telling you THAT just might be the most painful part of working out.
So, what's a girl to do?
Gimme what you've got.  Challenge me.  Inspire me.  

Ok, so Last year I did something I thought I would NEVER EVER do. I signed up for the gym and spent an entire year going to the gym on a daily bases. 5-6 times a week.  I had never been a gym rat.  I actually uttered mean words about those girls under my breath sometimes.  In their tight work out clothes and their perky boob jobs.  UGH.  But I sucked it up.  Armored my boobs to save myself from being smacked in the face.  I told myself I did not have to be one of those girls. I just had to feel good. To be strong. And I worked hard. Zoomba, step, weights, I sweated and sometimes at night half way cried at the soreness. Once I could make it through these hour, hour and a 1/2 classes and still breath, I was feeling pretty much awesome, and strong enough to fight bad guys, and chase toddlers. I slowly dropped the gym to 3X a week telling myself I could do a 1/2 hour at home right? That the gym was taking over my life....The kids were getting hurt in the day care.  They hated the gym....but the home time very rarely happened...
Then summer happened and I put a hold on my account till the fall. Then the fall happened and I quit the gym telling myself I was paying too much for things I could do at home.  The problem is I have to actually do them at home.
I feel like I pretty much am feeling like I have to start ALL OVER. That's pretty sad.

Have I mentioned I home school my kids?? That I am not a morning person?? ALL RIGHT, No excuses, I just have to make it work. I have to really really want it. AND I DO.

My mom bought me Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis for my birthday.  This month is the month I told myself. This is the month that I stop making excuses and just make it work. So I set the alarm clock.  The first two mornings I ended up being up early with my 4 year old who woke up when I did. The mornings after that I pressed snooze and went back to sleep.
I got this email video on Mothers day and felt inspired again.  I can do this:

I'll just  find a time and just do it. So I started doing it and found I would only get through the cardio half hour and then would never get back to the second disk which is like calisthenics.  Ok, I thought so I will do an half hour in the morning and the other maybe I could do the other half after the kids go to bed. Today I decided to open the other disk and do that one first instead....
I am working and working and my 4 year old pauses it. "Mom, can you take off Barbie's shoe?"
Ok, now press start again please.  She pauses it again, " Mom, can you keep me company while I use the potty?"  Ok and I'm back....and then guess what? The disk just stops working.  It acts like it's scratched but I know it can't be because I JUST opened it. So I called them and they were very nice and are sending me a new set.  But what's a girl to do?  I'm just starting to get my momentum. I need to get my groove back you know?  Does it seem fair that I am chasing a bunch of kids and a dog all day and Paris Hilton is not and she is the one who is skinny??? Really?

So tell me, are you naturally strong enough to outrun the bad guys?  What do you do to make it work?
What are your mommy tricks? Help a girl out here. ;) I am going to outrun those bad guys again, and I am going to do it wearing Wonder Woman's boots.


  1. Oh how I wish I had the answers...I was reading because I hoped YOU had the answers...I did find a cute print on pintrest today that said "Sweat is Fat crying" Maybe putting that in my closet next to the workout closet would give me some motivation ;)

  2. Go you!!! I have struggled to get a good consistent schedule since, well, becoming a mom.! :) I have done 60 days of P90x, with great results, and have done Insanity this spring. I really got motivated and started running early in the am before my hub goes to work, and that is my favorite! AND I'M NOT A RUNNER! It might look painful, but I'm doing it!! :)

    Anyway, you get em girl! Happy spring!!

  3. First of all...I had no idea you had a blog! and second...I LOVE this post! Seriously, I LOVE the "realness" in this post. AND I was homeschooled :) man oh man...we have some stuff in common! Oh, AND I am totally UNMOTIVATED to work out. actually worked out for the first time in MONTHS...two days ago. I was hoping to do it every other day. I, like you, want to feel healthier. BUT I believe that the biggest thing is getting "healthier" is eating healthier first. I am a runner and don't even have the motivation to do that :( I NEED to...maybe tomorrow lol If you find any motivation tips...let me know. I NEED them :)


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