Saturday, May 14, 2011

Man oh man, I love it when they blow my socks off!

Isn't it fun when out of the blue something blows your socks off?
I'm sitting on the couch this rainy morning. Toddler in the crook of my curled up legs.
Curious George on the boob tube. (Tell me, why do they call it that?)
Coffee in hand, Laptop in lap.
Logging into Etsy something catches my eye....
{don't you just adore the circus vibe in this picture? and the red! Why oh why didn't I do red shoes with my wedding dress??}

Nope, I'm not looking for a wedding dress. But I'd like to say if I were, I would so rock one of these.
Talk about MAD sewing skills!!
The pictures are just so so awesome. Such quirky details. LOVE LOVE!
The attitudes of these dresses. well, I had to share.
{so gorgeous, and those shoes?? Come on!}

Maybe many, many years from now when Erin is like totally famous, I will show her this blog post and say, hey can I still get that rate?? 'Cause my little Bean is totally grown up now and has the attitude that deserves one of these dresses. Please?
As for me, well I got married almost 17 years ago on a Wednesday,  in a borrowed dress.
{yep, that is me and my man, hand in hand after just being pronounced ball and chain}

Ok, so what was I doing before I started looking at these???? Happy Saturday morning!

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