Friday, May 27, 2011

Nothing like a good story to get your heart pumping.

My little brother is visiting and comes down stairs to where I'm on the eliptical. MUSIC LOUD.
My brother is like, "Wow, Aubrey- I didn't take you for a Dixie Chick kind of gal."
And I'm Like, "I'm not."
Confused he asks, "this isn't the Dixie Chicks?"
And Me, "It is, but I don't listen to them."
"Oh, okay freak, and he goes back up stairs"

My favorite line..."we'll pack a lunch!"

Aren't there certain artists or types of music that you would not normally listen to that somehow get you pumped up to exercise to?  That Fly Away Cd is used only for that.


  1. That's really funny. My favorite workout music is Nelly, who I used to listen to ALL THE TIME but now only when I workout.

  2. That's so funny! Just this morning I was listening to some music and I was suddenly like, " Oh my God....where is Fly? It's the best CD ever and I haven't heard it in ages..." ( I'm not a country music fan but have a girl crush on each chick for various reasons ) and my husband is like, " Uggg, the Dixie Chicks? "
    I put the CD on and there's my hubby, 10 minutes later belting, " Cowboy take me away! "
    And I know what you mean about ~We'll pack a lunch!~ She says it so spunky!

  3. Awww, haha. I wouldn't normally listen to the dixie chicks, but I listen to all types of different music, depending on my mood!

  4. i love this! I seriously listen to the most RANDOM stuff working out... I just found your blogg!

  5. I like ~~~"those black eyed peas? They look alright to meeeeeee"~~~
    You made me grin! I also listen to NIN, Eminem, Norah Jones, Barenakedladies, and Dr Hooks (cover of the rolling stone) when I'm working out! Go figure, eh?!


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