Thursday, May 26, 2011

{3} three Things Thursday: What are you grateful for?

A big shout out to my groopdealz peeps! 
We had sort of a bet about which one would sell more.
Would it be the Buzz. Bee. Cozy??
Rock your stache one?? 

AND the winner was:

{3} things I am feeling grateful for today:

1}That my family and I have never experienced a Tornado.
It's easy to get caught up in the day to day and feel frustrated.
This week it seemed that the day to day could have easily sent me to the crazy house too.
It doesn't mean I'm a bad person. It happens.
I just got finished watching a video that someone took showing the aftermath in Joplin, MO
And where they huddled during the tornado, and what they walked out to.
Wow.  I think I am having an awesome week now.

2}I am grateful to each and every one of you who purchased one of my cozies on groopdealz this week. 
I would have felt really, really silly otherwise.

3}That a 3 day weekend is coming up, and we have the opportunity to do something other than the everyday ho-humness. 
(Not that my ho-humness isn't awesome. But everyone needs to get away from it sometimes right?)
Now if I could just think of something insanely awesome at a decent price...

Throw me some love.
What are you feeling happy about?

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  1. After reading a blog today about a mom planning a funeral for her 6 month old, I'm grateful for my two healthy children.


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