Friday, May 20, 2011

{3} three Things Thursday: on Friday

My final thoughts last night as I was falling to sleep?
Today was not Wednesday...
Tho, for some reason I spent the whole day thinking it was.
PuuuLLLEEEASE tell me I am not the only one who does that sometimes.

Ok, so {3} things I am feeling grateful for this week:

1}My favorite jeans are not lost to the hole monster.
I am glad that holes are hip, and that too big of holes just show too much hip!  Though not the easiest task... some left over flannel scraps and some maneuvering on the machine. They're like a new pair of jeans!
I am so glad they didn't have to make the funeral march. Girls, you know what I am talking about! A good pair of jeans, is a good pair of jeans!

2}No one has ever died from exercising.
Right?  As some of you read I am challenging myself to get the boot-ay back in gear. I have done a couple things to hold myself accountable. I am on 5 days straight of new exercises.  And if I sit still for too long I might need a fork lift!

3} Bangs grow back.  My 10 year old has been asking and asking for about a year to have bangs. I think she looks so so pretty with out them. She has never had them.  But last night after much PAIN and agony I finally relented. It is high on the list of hard things I've had to do as a momma. I had to reason with myself. She is 10. She should be able to decide some things about HERSELF. Bangs will grow back. {sniffle}

What is making you feel grateful this week?

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