Thursday, April 21, 2011

{3} three Things Thursday: Be grateful.

Just added to the shop! Typewriter notebook.
She's one of a kind. Snag her quick!

Ok, so it is Thursday. 
It is Spring break.
It is NOT RAINING!!!!!

 {3} things I am grateful for today.

1}My Moose.  He is the best dog.  He doesn't talk back.  He is a good listener.
He makes me feel better if I'm feeling down.
He's getting grey hairs right along with me, and I'd like to believe he is doing it just to make me feel better.
He will come to my rescue if I scream, even if it is just because I saw a cricket in the garage.

2} The sun.  The sun when it is not summer weather.  I think I should move somewhere that spring is the weather year round.  I'd be a happy happy gal.

3} Fresh sheets.  I know, it is silly, but fresh sheets are the best.

What are you grateful for?


  1. I'm with you sista!! Spring forever and fresh sheets every day!! Hey I can dream. :)

    Here's my thankful list!!

  2. 1. i love my dogs especially when they are super cuddly in the mornings when i want to keep hitting the snooze button.

    2. fresh sheets rock.

    3. today i am grateful for some rain followed by sunshine and for forgiveness.. the ability to offer it and receive it :)

    God bless! :)


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