Thursday, March 31, 2011

the Really Useful Pouch

New in the shop! This really useful pouch is ready to ship out to you!!
Zippered top. Wristlet strap. Fully padded with felt.
One of a kind. Hand made with fabric strips.
Opening measures 7" long.
9.5 " tall.

SO they have these things at Staples called "really useful boxes."
It has become sort of a joke every time we go there.
"Look Mom, there's a medium sized really useful box.  I bet it's really useful."

I have been making these padded pouches originally meant for ereaders.
But here's the thing.  I don't have an ereader, but something about them is just so cute and perfect that I felt left out and started using them for other things. I was a little JEALOUS.
Last weekend I went away and used it for a makeup bag.  It's padding kept my glass bottle toiletries safe.
My daughter likes to throw a MP3, cell, chapstick, change purse and a pack of gum in hers.
I couldn't find my eyeglass case and decided to throw my glasses into one.
It is the perfect size for a point and shoot camera.
See what I mean?  It is really useful!

I just wish I could come up with a more clever name.
What would you call it??

Some ideas why you need one:
*It's really cute and useful, compact and happy.
*eyeglasses and sunglasses can both fit inside it at the same time!
*It will protect your electronic gadgets.  MP3, cell, camera goodies.
*Use it as your point and shoot camera bag.
*It's padding keeps your toiletries nice and safe.
*maybe it's a "are you there God? It's me Margaret time" and you need a friend to hold your necessities.
*It works as a clutch purse.
*It will hold a book, and the notebook to take notes.
*OF course it will hold your ereader too.

I plan on added more of these to the shop in this patchwork style. It is a great use of scraps.  A fun way to play with color, or a way to get some of that more expensive fabric in without breaking the bank! Most will be ready to ship and one of a kind. There will be the small size that fits the regular sized ereaders and the larger size for the iPad ones.

Any ideas on what you would call them?

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