Thursday, March 31, 2011

{3} three Things Thursday: Be grateful.

Hello peeps.
It's Thursday and it's {3} things time.
Have you noticed that you are feeling more grateful now that you know you may want to tell me 3 things you're grateful for?  That in those moments of "serenity NOW!!" you can somehow get back to the things you feel grateful for?
I think today I am going to be a little sappy.  Because I am feeling the love.
{3} things I am grateful for today.

1} Girl power.  Isn't it amazing?  When us girls encourage and support each other.  It is just so NICE!!!
I am feeling the love from bunches of you and we have not ever even met.  Know that I really appreciate it.  Know that it made a difference in my day. You rock my world. 

2} My hubs.  Yep we have the moments that we'd like to bury each other in the back yard, and don't hesitate to tell each other so. But, This week I am feeling the love.  The other night we were watching back episodes of Modern Family.  I was dying with laughter.  Out loud cracking up. Maybe because secretly I know I am just a little like the mom, Claire.  Neurotic. Just a little. I'm getting better with age.  Anyway, there was something that was trying to show husbands what they should do when their wives go to them with complaints.  It got me thinking.  My guy has been really putting in the efforts recently.  To make me feel like what I do is important.  And that feels good. Really good. And you know we've been married almost 17 years now?? Crazy. Crazy good.

3}The rain this week.  I know, weird huh?  I love the excuse to wear super cute rain boots. I spent a bunch of my younger years in Oregon and have always dreamed of moving to Ireland.  So I don't really mind it.
It's just that the past couple days of rain have kept us inside.  I'm not chasing monsters down the street.  I got to play in the studio a little.  Make myself this journal cover. It makes me happy.

Do you want one?  Maybe if you ask really nice I will put them in the shop too.

What are you feeling grateful for?
Tell me.  It makes me glad.


  1. That journal looks like it would fit beautifully into a really useful pouch... like maybe with a shopping list, an errand list or some coupons. Looks adorable!

  2. You should do these as home parties like Pampered Chef, etc!

  3. Love the journal!

    3 things:
    1. I am finally getting over this stomach bug (i think)
    2. All of my lesson plans for the rest of the school year are done!
    3. Tomorrow is FRIDAY! YAY!

  4. Looks like the notebook cover would be perfect for the notebook Alissa keeps saying I need in my scrapbook bag. Hmmm....might need to order soon. Love ALL the new stuff!!

  5. I love this post you do!

    1. My blog has over 100 followers!!

    2. I get to spend the whole weekend with my family.

    3. My husband has overtime pay on this paycheck, which eases the budget!

    Would you mind if I copied you and did a thankful thursday for my family blog?


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