Friday, February 4, 2011

What kind of bag lady are you?

I have an entire ad campaign in my mind for this one.  I'm just cracking myself up with it.
I'll need to convince one of my photo friends to help me out, or drag my husband into the mix.
The tag line is....
"what kind of bag lady are you?"

aubreyplays likes to be responsible too.
What's wrong with having fun while you do it??

This funky bag is for your everyday shopping.
It's cute enough to throw the strap over your shoulders and head out, but it is also lightweight enough that you can roll it up and throw it in your purse for those spontaneous stops to the farmers market or book store.
I've attached a key ring to hang your store cards onto.  (I know I always end up forgetting mine!)
I plan on having a signature aubreyplays embroidered patch answering the question, "What kind of bag lady are you?"  Right now I am thinking they may not all say the same thing either!
AND if you want to keep the bag lady part your secret, it is of course reversible. A pocket inside and out.
Keep your eyes peeled in the shop for more of these errand bags.  I am on a roll. They are Cute. Responsible. And Fun!

SO, What kind of bag lady are you?

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