Friday, February 4, 2011

Mini Reversible purse:Delilah

You know what's so awesome about being a girl?
You can use a small purse just to carry around your phone and a pack of gum. You can be girlie, and it's your prerogative.
This charming little gal will carry way more than that, but I'm just say'n. Throw on jeans and a t-shirt but bring this along to show off your feminine wiles too.
Because my Delilah has been so popular I decided to make a smaller version of her at a slightly smaller price too.
But guess what???? You get a whole other purse out of the deal because she is so very reversible.

Pocket to hold your cell, and a quaint little antique clasp.
(just for looks) and believe me, you'll be getting them.

She's a nice size for the tween in your life too.
send me a conversation if you'd like her in another color.

She can be personalized too. (your favorite saying, your initials, your company....)

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