Wednesday, February 2, 2011

DaintyDress handbag: Kona

  Kona started out life as the cutest little jumper for my 6 month old babe. She reminded me of days in Hawaii. Fully lined with a hearty chocolate duck canvas and paired with rattan handles. 
Cute bow ties remain in tack, but I've added a little lobster clasp to hold onto your keys. She's dainty and perfect for outings with your hobby.  Use her as a knitting bag filled with yummy yarns and knitting needles.  Take her to book club with your book and a stash of chocolate inside.  She's from a small stack of dresses that I will be redoing and posting to my shop. She was one of my favorites but got outgrown too soon. Lucky you,  just doing your part to recycle, too bad you'll have something ADORABLE to show for it! SIGH, it's hard doing your part but someone's gotta do it!! She's a one of a kind and is the only one available.

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  1. Aubrey! You should link this up to Robin @ The T-shirt Diaries! She's trying to reach 100 link ups in her Upcycled Awesome party! The link is on my blog :)


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