Thursday, February 3, 2011

{3} three Things Thursday: What are you grateful for?

Are good moods contagious?  If you expect good things to happen will they?
I think so.  I also think that sometimes in the middle of the week, we sometimes start to feel sorry for ourselves.  UGHHH. I have to clean this kitchen again!?  Really? a flat tire....oh man, does it feel yucky.
Off and On I have been doing a 3 things post. I'd like to commit to it this year because honestly, I ALWAYS feel better after spending the couple of minutes thinking about it. The grass is greener where you water it you know?  BUT, as I was thinking about it I had a moment where I thought that if good moods are contagious...well, it would be a nice thing to catch.  SO will you join me? Catch the good mood?
{3} things Thursday.
Every Thursday. Be there (well, here), or be square.
They don't even have to be serious.  
Just 3 simple things to feel happy about.  
To feel grateful for.
Good things are going to happen!!

Here is a special place on this blog just for {3} things (or click the tab up there)

I'm  going to kick off  {3} things Thursday later today...after I've let you mull it over for a bit ;-)

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  1. Hey Aubrey! I nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award!


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