Thursday, January 6, 2011


This is Bella.
Bella is Beautiful and Rock'n and her heart is torn in two.
She is big enough to pack a thing or two inside for that weekend in the woods.
This girl is from the Oregon coast and has a thing for flannel shirts and rides on motorcycles.....those are the days that she wants to snuggle up to....let's say- a wolf.
But, Bella also has given her heart to another. He's cold and pale and all hers.....
Yes, My inspiration for this rock'n purse is for all you Twihards.
AND even if you've never paid any attention to the saga, this purse is calling your name.
Like, literally. Your initial. Right on it.

WHY IS theBELLA so awesome?
She is reversible.
The first side is perfect for the winter months.
This side is plaid flannel with a dainty antique clasp.
Two handy silver hooks are on each side to hold your keys.
{ I like to hang a chain from them to deck her out more.}
Her top and handles look and feel just like your boyfriends black leather jacket.
But guess's chalkboard fabric. Yep, you can write messages to the world, and we didn't have to kill any animals.
Her second side is ready to meet the warmer weather with her crisp off white color.
Natural canvas with 2 strips of canvas ruffle along the bottom.
There is an adorable pocket with the spot for your initial, in black fabric paint.
It is the perfect size to hold your phone, your glasses,your love notes...
A pretty silver button closes her up.

also available in red plaid flannel.

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  1. Oh my lordy I LOVE it! I'm a sucker for plaid anyway, but all the details...the chalkboard fabric, it's reversible...yay! *LOVE*


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